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Mama Chen's Kitchen

Mama Chen's Dumpling Sampler (12 pieces)

Mama Chen's Dumpling Sampler (12 pieces)

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⚖️ Weight: 12 pcs / ~360g


(3) pieces of Beef + Radish dumplings

(3) pieces of Pork + Prawn dumplings

(3) pieces of Egg + Chives dumplings

(3) pieces of Pork + Cabbage dumplings

⛔️ Additives: No additives or preservatives

❤️ Origin: Handmade with love in Durham, NC

📦 Storage: 3 months, frozen below -18 °C

Please note: the production, storage and transportation of the product are treated at low temperature, and the goods should not be thawed and eaten repeatedly.

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